Three Important Life Lessons on Love in Marriage

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Have you ever wondered why your marriage does not look like it will be a “till death do we part” affair? Did you know that it doesn’t have to be that way; that “they lived happily ever after” doesn’t happen only in fairy tales?

Then wonder no more, because it is possible to make the rosy, hot, and romantic love that you experienced before continue way into your marriage, but this does not come on a silver platter.

What it takes to keep love in marriage alive

The trick is how long into your union you cultivate and make the love that makes marriage fulfilling and worthwhile last despite the inevitable challenges.

Love in marriage comes spontaneously when you and your spouse mutually and confidently work towards making your nuptial vows come true, even when the excitement of love has diminished. Real love will flourish in your marriage when you both continue with practices that enhance loyalty and trust among yourselves.

Here are three life lessons that you will learn in your marriage:

1. Your partner has weaknesses too

Just like every rose has its thorns, all humans, including your spouse, have weaknesses, and strengths too. You will need to slowly and patiently attempt to understand and accept your partner’s weaknesses, as well as the strengths; and to respond with love even when your spouse has acted in a manner that would in other circumstances irritate you. Both of you are human and will therefore err once in a while. Accordingly, accept your differences, practice forgiveness, cheer one another up when struggles come and do not hold on to grudges and bitterness.

2. Your spouse has a dark history

When growing up, everyone does stupid things. Your spouse too has learned, recovered, and most probably wouldn’t want to reveal or relive a past that was embarrassing and regrettable. Therefore, remember that no one is an angel, all saints have a past, and all sinners have a future. Avoid digging your spouse’s past and focus on the now and how to make your future amazing.

3. Every marriage that glitters also has challenges

Nothing good comes easy, and this applies to marriages that appear to be shiny too. All marriages go through bad seasons due to challenges that revolve around the use of finances, peer pressure, differences of opinion, and lack of communication. Acting on unverified rumors, lack of forgiveness, being too busy for family, stubbornness, sexual frustration, and discontentment are other sources of disagreements.


Establishing and sustaining love in your marriage is achievable. Understand that you are both rough at the edges but are willing to lovingly encourage each other to change as desired. Your marriage will surely work if you choose to accommodate each other and to make deliberate, mutual, and relentless efforts to maintain engagement.

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