The Paradox Of Life – Advice From An Elder

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Dear son, always be contented regardless of how much you earn; you will always have people who earn more than you.

You see; I am now an old man who you call a junior or subordinate staff, and I am proud of it; but in my working life I have had bosses who earned many times more than me, but when they invite me to their houses, I find the same furniture that are in mine. The only difference is how we got them; they bought theirs in elegant shops, while mine were made by a carpenter at a pace, and price, I could afford
from timber obtained from a tree I felled in my rural home. And I can bet that my furniture is stronger than theirs because I know, unlike them, every single piece that went into it.

When they invite me, we eat ugali just like what my family partakes; the only difference is they bought their flour from the supermarket, while my family’s flour is milled from maize that is sourced directly from my rural farm; and I can bet that my ugali is more nutritious than theirs because I know that, unlike theirs, my flour never got to be sifted.

Every time I ask, they tell me that they take their children for entertainment to upmarket Yaya Centre; I take mine for an almost similar experience to Uhuru Park. And I can bet that the experience of my children is most rewarding because, while those take an uber or drive, my children take matatus; and because of that I end up paying less transport costs; and they learn better life skills by interacting and socializing on our way to and from.

When I ask, they say they buy their clothes in Sarit Centre, while I buy for my family in Gikomba; and I can bet that, unlike theirs, my clothes, though second hand, are more hardy and durable.

I’ve noticed that my children passed their exams and went directly to Alliance High School; unlike their children who had to be pushed to be admitted into similar schools.

Always be contented my friend, because regardless of the income difference between you and them, both of you are crying of poverty the same way. The things of this world will never be enough.

Always be contented my friend because in spite of the difference in the cost of property possessed between you and them, both of you cry of poverty the same way. The things of this world will never be enough.

Always be contented because no one ever gets enough; when they get a car, they want a plane; when they get a plane, they want a ship. The things of this world will never be enough.

Always be contented my friend because when you miss sleep at night wondering what the family will eat tomorrow, they miss sleep too; the only difference is that they miss theirs because of security concerns, worried about their own safety and the safety of their wealth in that posh estate where they live.

Dear son, always be contented; avoid the short cuts in wealth creation; learn to cherish your genuinely created wealth; hold dear and be proud of all possessions that emanated from your sweat and blood.

Always be contented with what you’ve got.

Do not compare yourself to others, ever”.

I am an epic introvert, who quickly becomes an open book when I pen what’s in my significantly fertile mind; fertile as a result of bombardment by realities that are continuously captured by my inquisitive eyes, ears which are constantly rubbing the ground, through constant reading, and through dreaming too.

Writing provides an opportunity to ‘say’ what my unapologetic quiet mouth will not say; which not only soothes me, but also bequeaths to me a relief, a release, and a hope that the written words will change the world, even if only one person at a time.

And so should you seek, that’s where to find me; deeply tucked inside the blankets of reading, seeing, listening, dreaming, and then writing.

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