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In the sweltering heat
of the Sahara Desert sands
a human-made World wonder stands,
peaking at 147 metres above the ground;
with four equal sides
each measuring 230 metres at the base;
weighing six million tonnes;
and spread over 13 acres of land.
What an imposing masterpiece to behold!

Amidst the raging winds,
a colossal monument rests;
erected over a period of 20 years;
by more than 100,000 workers,
who cut, transported, and assembled.
over two and a half million
individual blocks of stone,
weighing some 15 tons apiece.
What a mysterious gem to behold!

Relentlessly towards the skies of Giza
dozens of blocks of stone were raised,
some 70 tonnes in weight,
more than 300 feet above the ground;
by people who gave their labour with love,
with care, and with attention;
supervised by masters of architecture
at the peak of their technical
and engineering skills.
What a massive feat to behold!

Tirelessly below the scorching African sun;
a defining symbol was built;
they locked it with unerring accuracy,
precision and skill, at an angle of 51°52′
and oriented it to the four cardinal points
of the compass of planet Earth;
and targeted it on the true north,
within three sixtieth of a single degree.
What a stunning artistic achievement
to behold.

All this at a time when
humanity didn’t even know
they lived on a planet,
never mind its dimensions;
What a Great Pyramid puzzle to behold!

I am an epic introvert, who quickly becomes an open book when I pen what’s in my significantly fertile mind; fertile as a result of bombardment by realities that are continuously captured by my inquisitive eyes, ears which are constantly rubbing the ground, through constant reading, and through dreaming too.

Writing provides an opportunity to ‘say’ what my unapologetic quiet mouth will not say; which not only soothes me, but also bequeaths to me a relief, a release, and a hope that the written words will change the world, even if only one person at a time.

And so should you seek, that’s where to find me; deeply tucked inside the blankets of reading, seeing, listening, dreaming, and then writing.

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