The following was the encounter when I attended a wedding reception ceremony sometime back:

First and foremost, the food was served after an over-extended Church service and the worms were noisily scrambling for any food left-overs in the stomach juices.

Secondly, I was so hungry I could have swallowed a whole rabbit in one gulp.

Thirdly, we were told it was free seating. One could sit under any tent, wherever they wished.

And so almost immediately after I sat, the food was served, starting from those who were in front and nearest to the food-containing sufurias.

The food, however, got finished before it got to my table.

This was followed by a round of sumptuously smelling roast-goat meat.

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In her novel entitled ‘Sense and Sensibility’, Jane Austen once said, “When I fall in love, it will be forever”. She must have been envisioning a situation where she would meet a person who will inspire her to love with her every sense; smell, taste, sight, touch, and heart. She must have been visualizing her life beginning and ending with that person.

Being in love, as in Jane Austen’s dream, awakens two souls and leads them to want to spend the rest of their life together, and to start that ‘rest of their life’, which is otherwise called marriage, matrimony or wedlock, as soon as possible.

Be that as it may, Jane Austen evidently did not know

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