Jeremiah 18 – Holy Bible

He meticulously takes the clay and its dust,
adds the other ingredients of the recipe
that only He knows;
uses His mighty hands
to mix them thoroughly together,
and creates (wo)man in His own image;
yet none is like the other.

He painstakingly adds water
to the clay mixture a little at a time
so that it becomes neither too wet nor too dry
and stirs the mixture until it sticks together,
to create twins who are identical,
but each unique in its own way.

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My sky has slowly been getting dark,
but before they gather
to return body to dust,
I’m not finished with the World just yet;
my fighting spirit is
still alive and kicking;
before the lights go out,
I’ll keep on polishing the rough edges;
before I encounter the last stretch
of my life’s journey,
I’ll continue to glow as I grow.

The number of folks by my side
continues to shrink;
peers, agemates, family, and friends
keep on vanishing to kingdom come;
and the young kindred are busy
building their own lives.

But I’ll strive
to put colour into my grayness;
I’ll maintain a positive mentality;

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