An assessment of my personality carried out by Dr. Carol Ritberger, an internationally acclaimed expert of behavior psychology, and which was spot on, was that I have a “red” personality. This means that I am a ‘just get it done’ kind of person; that I am self-driven, competitive, and I like to be in control; that I am action oriented, and I appreciate efficiency; and, that I typically hold stress and tension in my lower back.

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But how many personality types are in existence? Psychologists have two opposing views regarding personalityThere are the personality type theorists and the personality trait theorists. According to the personality type theorists, every person worldwide has one of four different personality types, each of which is defined by its own unique characteristics. This theory is very useful to psychologists when they are determining the mental and emotional health of an individual. The two most common taxonomies are ‘the four humors’ which were credited to two of the ancient Greek philosophers, namely Hippocrates (400 BC) and Galen (140 AD), and the eight personality types outlined by Carl Jung.

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