We have most likely sometimes wondered “how lucky” others always are and never ourselves. How,unlike us, they possess all those things that we consider a success; financial abundance, a great career, a great education, always profoundly happy even when they have so little, always being at the right place at the right time, and how they are in a great, blissful, relationship. Such thoughts can be depressing when we think that we are not as successful as others around us.

It might probably, however, be consoling to know that every person on earth has their own definition of success and prosperity. Some see success as having lots of money, for others it’s how powerful you are, for others prosperity is when they and their loved ones are healthy, for others it’s just being happy, and for others it is when their emotional needs are fulfilled.

Having said that, it may help to realize that where there is prosperity in all its presentations, it is more than just luck, it is something more divine ….. It is God’s favor. It is God shifting and arranging things in their favor. It is God fighting their battles, and making a way even where there seems no way. It is God moving the wrong people out and bringing the right people in. And that is why everything they touch becomes blessed. When they touch, God commands the blessing upon it, be it a person, thing or business.

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