The conversation below refers:

Mia: Hii Covid nimeamua haitaenda nami (laughter). Nimeamua kuendelea na shughuli zangu huku nikizingatia masharti yaliowekwa vile niwezavyo. Hii barakoa yashinda imefunika mapua na mdomo siku nzima nikiwa nje; inashinda imefunika urembo wote, lakini bora uhai (more laughter).

Ava: Mimi nimeamua kujipa raha kivyangu. Hata nikiwa kwa nyumba peke yangu namshukuru Mola kwa kunipa uhai; na kwa kuniwezesha kujimudu niwezavyo hata ingawa maisha yamekua magumu sana.

Arising from this conversation, the positive outlook of Mia and Ava towards life during these difficult days is one that we would want to emulate.

Happiness comes when

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The world is beautiful…, truly beautiful, but it is drowning in the selfish preoccupations of humanity.

Take, for example, the customers who are lining up waiting to be served; some are outright rude and inconsiderate of the feelings of the staff behind the counter just because the line is long, others are grumbling, shrugging shoulders, and some blatantly staring at watches and tapping their feet. They forget thatthe staff behind the counter work long hours and have to do it with a constant smile on their faces.

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“Through all the terror, I can catch beauty in a glimpse of hope” – Charles Aubrey Rogers

We are living in a beautiful world that can be cruel. A world where there is a lot of poverty and hunger, where many children die before they are five, a world full of sickness, a world full of fearful hearts arising from wars and hatred, and a world where there is too much evil and suffering.

We are living in a world where many lives are lost through tragedies, where families are torn apart, where many are rendered homeless and

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