What if wintervisits Kenya next year,with its long chilly and frosty days!!Will it find us ready? With heated systemsto allow transport, with adequate firewoodto heat houses, and enough stocks oftuna, water, and groceries. What if it,what if it comes; comes with snow,falling like glitter, and trees slumberwith leaves shed to conserve nutrients. Will it find…Continue Reading “Climate Change Seems Real”

In today’s information age lesser and lesser time is being spent in and with nature, leading to conditions and ailments that did not exist a few decades ago. These conditions and ailments have been described by Richard Louv as Nature Deficit Disorders or NDDs in his book entitled, “The Nature Principle”.

When deliberate effort is made to look to nature, it’s beauty and wisdom in the simple and the ordinary becomes clearly evident. Nature gives messages and lessons that are most times taken for granted. It also has some inherent healing properties which help to improve one’s health, happiness and overall well being.

What if humanity was like the sun, which rises early, and does not get late to set? All humanity would get out of bed early and would not go to bed late. Is that not a great lesson from nature? What if it was like the moon and the stars, which shine and

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When God created the world, and nature, He intended that humans become an integral part of it. In fact in Genesis 1:11-30, it is clear that God created other biological communities (biota) to be “humans’ food” only; and not for humans to change or destroy what He created, and “saw that it was good”, for other needs.

He created ecosystems consisting of the biological communities, and the physical and chemical factors that make up its non-living or abiotic environment. He created ecosystems on land, below the soil surface, in water, and in the air. Examples of ecosystems on the earth’s surface include a pond, a forest, an estuary, grassland, a river, a wetland, and a lake.

He created biota that comprises single-cell organisms, bees, humans, plants, insects, mammals, turtles, crocodiles, birds, snails, bivalves, sea stars (starfish), sea urchins, salamanders, frogs and other many others. He created plants and made them the basic energy source for all animals, including humans. He made plants to source their energy directly from the sun.

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