When it comes to post-fifties, it all boils down to those who are aging, and those who are aging gracefully. There are those who seem to be getting better and better with age while others are just learning by trial and error.

“The graceful agers aren’t aging better, they’re just aging smarter — and the secret isn’t necessarily in what they’re doing. It’s in what they aren’t doing. And as life expectancy continues to increase across the globe, there’s no time like now to look and feel better” – The Huffington Post.

This post aims to highlight what graceful agers avoid, and gives a few insights as to how to age smart and remain productive and respectable even after retirement.

It is said that “wisdom increases with age”. Scientists all over the world mostly accept that this belief is true. Laura Carstensen, a social psychologist says that “contrary to traditional perceptions, growing old brings some benefits, notably emotional and cognitive stability; she calls this the “well-being paradox.”  Although adults older than sixty five face challenges to body and brain, they have an abundance of social and emotional knowledge, qualities that scientists define as wisdom.

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