“Life, the start and the end are similar, take advantage of the time in between”

Dear colleagues of the interwebs, have you ever wondered why man lives for seventy six years when he is lucky? Did you know that God had initially assigned man, along with the donkey, the dog and the monkey only thirty years to live on earth.

Has it ever occurred to you why man spends the first thirty years of his life like a king with no cares at all, followed by twelve years in which he has to hustle and work very hard like a donkey to make ends meet, followed by fourteen years which he spends trying to protect what has been earned and possessed and barking at all who may come to rob his hard earned wealth. Have you ever wondered why man spends the additional twenty years with a bent back, becomes childish and a laughing stock, just like the monkey.

There is this tale from an unnamed peasant from Zwehrn, Germany which was doing the rounds in the early nineteenth century, the early 1800s, which reveals that man has been a greedy being since time immemorial and explains where the extra years of man came from. Read on to find out.

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