All of us who are alive have our distinct dreams, goals and ideals; and we are striving for something better than is currently available and a better life. In order to achieve these dreams, goals and ideals, hope is crucial. Hope is what motivates us to plan and to keep us going towards our dream even amidst some hard times, and to succeed. Otherwise, without hope our lives would be empty and pointless.

And yet there are many people living in a state of hopelessness. There are people who feel as if they have reached the end of the road, there’s nowhere else to run to, and no reason to move. The result of this hopelessness is self-loathing, self-hatred, suicide, drug abuse, depression, work failure, and sleep deprivation, and a lack of motivation and desire to live.

This article discusses hope; its definition, its importance in our lives, the causes of hopelessness, and the reasons why we should keep hope alive in our lives and even spread it to others.

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Life is surely going good
And then from nowhere
Troubles come pounding
They knock me off my feet
But then comes these angels in human form
Who give me the encouragement
“You are important to me”, they say
“If you need a friend, We are here”.
And then I say to myself:
“Thank God there are compassionate people
Still living in this world.”

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