Dear son, always be contented regardless of how much you earn; you will always have people who earn more than you.

You see; I am now an old man who you call a junior or subordinate staff, and I am proud of it; but in my working life I have had bosses who earned many times more than me, but when they invite me to their houses, I find the same furniture that are in mine. The only difference is how we got them; they bought theirs in elegant shops, while mine were made by a carpenter at a pace, and price, I could afford
from timber obtained from a tree I felled in my rural home. And I can bet that my furniture is stronger than theirs because I know, unlike them, every single piece that went into it.

When they invite me, we eat ugali just like what my family partakes; the only difference is

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Out of the wilderness,
sprouted a wild flower
which chose to bloom
despite the rough weather;
holding on to every drop of rain
and with the gorgeous smile
openly revealing all her colours.

With her cute, angelic body
and the black, dense but soft hair
saluting the heavens,
she makes miracles
look like child’s play;
exuding life on the outside
as she hides in the dry red soil
that surrounds her.

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