Kenya, my captivating land,
with over forty two tribes and subtribes;
each of which is unique,
but are all united in one common bond,
working together in harmony
and interacting in all spheres of life
to provide services at the work place,
be it catering, health, entertainment,
housing, tourism, hospitality,
transportation, or education.

Kenya, my irresistible land,
where the Swahili; in all majesty,
gave away their language
to not only be made
Kenya’s national language,
but also to be an official language
of many countries
in East Africa and beyond.

Kenya, my spectacular land,
where tourists come to bathe in the warm,
wild and free atmosphere,
where communities which have

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It has often been said that Kenya has forty four official ethnic groups. The reality, however, is that Kenya has way over forty four tribes and sub-tribes and it is not clear which among them has made it into the list of forty four official tribes.

This article aims to celebrate the uniqueness of each of the tribes and sub-tribes. It aims to show how the diverse ethnic, cultural and traditional experiences make Kenya great and a heritage of splendor.

We start with the Swahili; who, with all majesty, gave away their language to, not only be made Kenya’s national language, but also

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I would like to focus on the probable causes of the post election violence that took place in our beloved country in 2007/2008. The aim is that we remind ourselves what happened prior to the election that created so much rage so that we can avoid a repeat of the same. The announcement of the election results was only the straw that broke the camel’s back and, in my view, violence would have erupted regardless of the winner.

For many months before that election, all of us, including religious leaders, were looking at the situation in Kenya with our colored

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