Strive to lead a simple and easy life;
quickly make amends and forgive easily.
Know that you’ve got the power within you
to be happy always;
by saying, “No” to things which,
and people who,
stress you out.

Appreciate that your happiness
depends on only you; on
who you choose to be your friend
what you decide to listen to
what you choose to see and watch
where you decide to go; and
who your heart decides to love.
Stay away from folks who
make life hard on you.

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An unknown author once said, “It’s scary what a smile can hide”. How true!!! A smile can hide many things, including hurt, pain, shyness, secrets, life’s lessons, emotions, hate, lingering tears, feelings, fears, drama, reality, failures, lies, sorrows, heartaches, loneliness, sadness, negative people encounters, regrets, stress,  betrayal, emptiness, disappointment, what we truly feel, the things that we wish we could say, and the things that we’re too afraid to admit.

The problem is that most smiles are fake. Scientists tell us that a fake smile, like when we “smile to the camera”, involves the voluntary contraction of only one muscle, the zygomatic major muscle which raises the corners of the mouth and the upper lip, hence exposing the teeth.  A fake smile, also called a “social smile” or a

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