“Do not be Afraid; peace be still” – Jesus

Fear is an unpleasant emotion that is caused by the perceived or real threat of danger, pain, harm, or threat of survival. The most common fears for humans are heights, starvation, closed spaces, snakes, bugs, rats, water, and wild animals; the common denominator is that they are all dangerous. Some of these fears are adaptive or learned, but many fears are built-in; they are meant to protect us. They prepare us for the fight-or-flight response, which is also called hyper-arousal, or acute stress response.

We also fear non-tangible things such as change; bad news; failure; rejection; and, being lonely or left alone. Many fear being exposed, despite the fact that we want to be understood, to be loved, to impress others, and not to fail. We do not want those around us to know our real selves, probably because of the fear that we will be

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Life has taught me that the less people know about you, the better. This is because not everyone close to you wants to see you succeed. There are people who just wait for the opportune time to strike at you, just like a snake, and then track you closely to see where you fall. They will be there with you when you give birth, not to help you but to snatch the baby. They will grab land that is set aside for public use, even when it carries community projects such as a hospital. They will sell food donated by charity organizations as relief for starving folks. They want to remain on the job upon attaining retirement age even when there are many youngsters looking for employment, some of whom are their sons and daughters. They will kidnap so that they can get ransom or prevent others from achieving their goals.

David Crosby and Graham Nash accurately described these people and their actions in their song and lyrics “They Want It All”.

I, however, now know why this happens. That people have different ways of coping with certain emotions. Some remain calm and composed even when overwhelmed by emotions, while others will allow the emotions to overflow, which leads them to act the way they do, even to commit crime.

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