That splendid woman who,
one step at a time,
left her world behind,
and chose to love, live,
laugh, weep, or in summary,
keep me company,
and tie her dreams to mine.

That outstanding woman who,
became my soulmate,
and has not allowed our love,
to scatter in the wind.

That awesome woman who,
continues to share with me,
life’s great, and not so great moments,
and refuses our dreams to fall apart,
against all odds.

That inspiring woman who,

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On my mind is the dream
which has continued to lead me on
to my definition of prosperity;
which to me is that limitlessly pure,
boundlessly sparkling, endlessly beautiful,
unalterably warm, perfectly glorious,
peacefully vibrant and faultlessly welcoming
bright, blue sky.

The dream leads me on despite efforts,
to hold me back,
to criticize my every decision,
to belittle my achievements,
to change my mind,
to change my heart’s desires.

It doesn’t matter that the skeptics
never try to understand my journey,
never try to understand

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