I attended this dowry ceremony the other day and the master of ceremony was this elderly man who told us that he is now child-like. And it is true, he was talking serious things in a humorous, child-like, playful manner which made us all enjoy the greatly successful traditional rite. This got me thinking, is there a possibility that we all along carry in ourselves an inner child through our adult years and then grow back to be child-like as we age?

The answer is yes. Psychologists believe that there is an inner child in all of us, which is the source of our joy, playfulness, fun, humor, creativity, innocence, wonder, awe, sensitivity and spontaneity. An inner child who is free spirited.

In most cases, our inner child becomes evident during the holidays especially when you are having a good time with someone whom you feel completely free around. Our inner child becomes evident when we cry at a sentimental movie, when we enjoy playing with kid’s toys, when we wear clothes that were fashionable in our younger days but we did not get the chance to wear them, when we cry or grieve as adults for the losses we experienced in our past, or when we get sentimental looking at old photo albums.

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