Yes, I know, …..I know, … I know;
that though I may live in a house,
I don’t live there.
I live in my mind.

Yes, my mind is my permanent residence.
In my mind, unlike in my house,
there are no restrictions
regarding the size of the rooms.
It’s a huge space with limitless capacity.

And believe it or not;
no matter how neat my premises are,
life becomes good for me

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When two fall in love,
immediately after they give
their hearts to each other,
it’s all roses, it’s candle light,
it is a romantic experience,
it is the best fit, it is juicy,
it is sexy, it is hot,
the hormones go haywire,
the hormones get thrown into a blender;
the movie of the love birds
plays 24/7 in their heads,
daydreaming about
the precious little moments together,
and the mementos.

But in the restless world
that we live in today,
when two fall in love,
the initial flame soon dies down;
love ends before it’s begun;
and the many hot moonlight kisses,
cool in the warmth of the sun.

All of a sudden, the rosy love gives way to:

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