I’ll Walk Away

Categories Emotions, Human Nature, Meditation

Call me a coward if you like,
it matters not;
but I’ll walk away from any situation
that leads me to anger;
and I have no desire to argue;
so I’ll just walk away,
‘cause all I want is harmony.

I’ll walk away from thoughts
that threaten my peace of mind,
my self-regard, my ideals,
my integrity and my self-esteem.

The more I walk away
from toxic folks who poison my spirit,
the more I love the sound
of my feet walking away.

The more I walk away
when they want to put me down,
the healthier and more joyful my life becomes.

The more I walk away
when they try to stifle my dreams;
the lesser the drama in my life.

So I’ll just walk away
from things that are meant
to injure my eminence,
whether real or perceived.
I won’t try to explain myself.
I won’t care whether they understand
or not.

I’ll just walk away!

I am an epic introvert, who quickly becomes an open book when I pen what’s in my significantly fertile mind; fertile as a result of bombardment by realities that are continuously captured by my inquisitive eyes, ears which are constantly rubbing the ground, through constant reading, and through dreaming too.

Writing provides an opportunity to ‘say’ what my unapologetic quiet mouth will not say; which not only soothes me, but also bequeaths to me a relief, a release, and a hope that the written words will change the world, even if only one person at a time.

And so should you seek, that’s where to find me; deeply tucked inside the blankets of reading, seeing, listening, dreaming, and then writing.

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