I Am Single Again, Eventually

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Finally, I give up,
I can’t take it anymore
I am free …., again.

And to put an end to the rumours,
the backbiting, gossip, whatever;
I hereby make it public
in broad daylight;
my relationship with my bae
has been difficult,
bitter-sweet so to say,
and so from today,
please be informed that we are
not going to be together anymore.

I will not deny that
it has been a very
difficult decision to make because;
truth be told
my bae has been sweet to me,
I’ve had a lot of fun,
I’ve been happy,
I’ve loved every moment together;
but I discovered, sadly, that
I was not the only one.
There were many others
that had sweet moments
with bae.

I’ve realized that
our continued relationship
was doing me more harm than good;
and so I’ve decided to move on;
in any case, there are
more fish in the sea,
so I’ve heard it said.
I’ve finally decided to divorce; to leave
that unhealthy relationship behind.

But I am not going to deny
that we will continue
to see each other now and then;
since the separation has been amicable,
peaceful and mutually agreed upon.
We both admit and recognize that
the only way for me
to remain healthy and without stress
is for me to move on,
and end the misery.

Today, I declare an end to my relationship
with my bae, who is ………….
anything sweet and junk;
whether it be sugar, fries,
pizza, soda, chocolate, cake, and
end of thinking capacity aka etc.

Please forgive me if a thought
of disappointment and wanting
to lynch me has crossed your mind;
I beg that you forgive me and
quickly brush it off;
be happy for me because
today, I am single again, eventually.

I am an epic introvert, who quickly becomes an open book when I pen what’s in my significantly fertile mind; fertile as a result of bombardment by realities that are continuously captured by my inquisitive eyes, ears which are constantly rubbing the ground, through constant reading, and through dreaming too.

Writing provides an opportunity to ‘say’ what my unapologetic quiet mouth will not say; which not only soothes me, but also bequeaths to me a relief, a release, and a hope that the written words will change the world, even if only one person at a time.

And so should you seek, that’s where to find me; deeply tucked inside the blankets of reading, seeing, listening, dreaming, and then writing.

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