I have sung the hymnal, “How Great Thou Art” countless times;
but it’s not until now that it is clicking in my mind
how great Thou actually are.

That when I say that I consider
all Your awesome wonder,
I never got to that part where
I could visualize
that it is Your greatness that prevents:
• Schools being cancelled.
• Self-distancing measures being put in place
• Entire sports seasons being cancelled.
• Concerts, tours, festivals and entertainment events being cancelled; and,
• Weddings, family celebrations, holiday gatherings being cancelled.

That when I say that I consider all
the worlds Your hands have made,
I never got to the point where
I could visualize
that it is Your greatness that Continue Reading "How Great Thou Art – I Now Get It"

I seek for God’s forgiveness
for my shortcomings,
and impiety.

At the same time,
I thank God and offer Him praises,
for His blessings and mercies on me,
in spite of my inadequacies,
shortsightedness, and even blindness.

My mind calls it shortsightedness
because all the years of my life until now,
I never got it
that being able to go to work,
and coming back home
freely without restrictions and fear;
I never got it
that it was all due to the sheer favour of God.

My mind calls it blindness
because Continue Reading "Its God Who Keeps The Wheels Turning"

When Mary gave birth to Jesus, she was a first-time mother; and regardless of the miraculous circumstances of the birth of Jesus, she must have experienced what every first-time mother goes through.

She was engaged to be married to Joseph, but before they came together, she was visited by an angel who told her that, though she was a virgin, she would conceive and give birth to the son of God through a miracle. This announcement must have left her with shock and wonder; she must have been in a lot of distress wondering how she would break these news to her lover, Joseph. Indeed, had the angel not intervened in Continue Reading "Being A Mother For The First Time – The Experience of Mary the Mother of Jesus"

“Life is an open book full of blank pages. You write the story as you go”.

This article describes how my trial plays out at Heaven’s Gate, in a dream,  during the ‘Day of Judgment’; which is a day when everything God created will cease and every human being will be resurrected and tried before God according to their beliefs and deeds on Earth.

It starts by having me arraigned in a Court Room in Heaven’s Courthouse where I am sitting on a bench in the Waiting Room. Suddenly, the doors open and someone who introduces himself as St. Peter leads me to the dock. All rise when the Judge enters, wearing flowing robes, and commanding an awesome presence. The Court Usher says aloud, “Silence. The Court is now in session, the Almighty God presiding”. The Judge takes His seat Continue Reading "Proceedings Of My Court Trial At Heaven’s Gate"

“My grace is sufficient for you” – Jesus, in 2 Corinthians 12:9

We have most likely sometimes wondered “how lucky” others always are and never ourselves. How,unlike us, they possess all those things that we consider a success; financial abundance, a great career, a great education, always profoundly happy even when they have so little, always being at the right place at the right time, and how they are in a great, blissful, relationship. Such thoughts can be depressing when we think that we are not as successful as others around us.

It might probably, however, be consoling to know that every person on earth has their own definition of success and prosperity. Some see success as having lots of money, for others it’s how powerful you are, for others prosperity is when they and their loved ones are healthy, for others it’s just being happy, and for others it is when their emotional needs are fulfilled.

Having said that, it may help to realize that where there is prosperity in all its presentations, it is more than just luck, it is Continue Reading "Receiving God’s Favor Is the Biblical Path to Prosperity"

“Pain is temporary, honor is forever”

I am inspired by a man in the Bible whose mother underwent so much pain during his birth that she named him “Jabez”, which in Hebrew means ‘pain’ (1 Chronicles). He grew up being called “pain” by all those he interacted with.

Jabez, however, did not allow his name to interfere or blur who he really was; he did not allow his destiny to be determined by his name. 1 Chronicles 4:9-10 tells us that Jabez was more honorable than his brothers. It tells us that at a certain point, Jabez called on his God and asked for five things; He asked God to bless him, to enlarge his borders, that Continue Reading "Choose Honor Despite the Pain"

Of all the 6.9 billion people who dwelled on earth in 2010, 2.2 billion (31.4%) were Christians, 1.6 billion (23.2%) were Islam, 1.1 billion (16.4%) were either atheists, non-religious, or unaffiliated,  1.0 billion (15.0%) were Hindus, 488 million (7.1%) were Budhists,  405 million (5.9%) were Chinese Folk religionists, 58 million (0.8%) were new, tribal or other religionists, and 14 million (0.2%) were Jews, Jainins and Sikhs.

Population of religious groups around the world (2010)

Worshipers of most of the above religious and spiritual groups understand the real meaning of submitting themselves to the will of a Supreme Being (God) and practice the essence of humanity, which includes reaching out to the poor, lonely, hungry, widowed, orphaned and oppressed. This is because there is extreme poverty and hunger around the world. There are about 1 billion people who are living on less than Continue Reading "Worship Your God, But Let Others Worship Theirs Too – Regardless Of Their Religion, Spiritual Belief, Faith Or Creed"

“Serenity is not freedom from the storm, but peace amid the storm” – Author Unknown The Oxford Dictionaries define serenity as the state of being calm, peaceful and untroubled. The Serenity Prayer has more paragraphs than just the one that is most often quoted. The author of the Serenity Prayer is the American theologian, ethicist,…Continue Reading “The Serenity Prayer – And It’s Author”