On the one hand, in sympathy and empathy,
they seek to save life and heal the world;
by lending a helping hand,
give hope, and make the day
brighter for people facing
life-threatening natural calamities.

On the other hand, in rage,
they brand the others as terrorists, jihad,
neo-nazis or inferior race, then rain bombs,
destruction and anguish, having no qualms
whether they shed the innocent blood
of children and the defenseless.


What if wintervisits Kenya next year,with its long chilly and frosty days!!Will it find us ready? With heated systemsto allow transport, with adequate firewoodto heat houses, and enough stocks oftuna, water, and groceries. What if it,what if it comes; comes with snow,falling like glitter, and trees slumberwith leaves shed to conserve nutrients. Will it find…Continue Reading “Climate Change Seems Real”

I would like to focus on the probable causes of the post election violence that took place in our beloved country in 2007/2008. The aim is that we remind ourselves what happened prior to the election that created so much rage so that we can avoid a repeat of the same. The announcement of the election results was only the straw that broke the camel’s back and, in my view, violence would have erupted regardless of the winner.

For many months before that election, all of us, including religious leaders, were looking at the situation in Kenya with our colored

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The coming elections in Kenya are promising to be very competitive and aspirants are using all manner of tactics to win the race.

But what has caught my eye during the on-going political party nominations are women in the contest for the County Women’s Representative. The run-up has attracted a large array of women from all sorts of background and professions.

They are using varied campaign styles to woo votes from the electorate. But what is interesting is that the women, across counties and across the political divide have turned the contest to be a show of who can pose best, who is more beautiful or who has the best slogans to attract the youth.

This is well portrayed in the campaign posters glued on all and any surface which can take them such as walls and electric posts. In the posters, some of the women are scantily dressed and others have posed seductively.

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