What if wintervisits Kenya next year,with its long chilly and frosty days!!Will it find us ready? With heated systemsto allow transport, with adequate firewoodto heat houses, and enough stocks oftuna, water, and groceries. What if it,what if it comes; comes with snow,falling like glitter, and trees slumberwith leaves shed to conserve nutrients. Will it find…Continue Reading “Climate Change Seems Real”

The sun rises magnificently in Africa
from a darkness that is
never devoid of exciting and thrilling
life and activity.
The glorious morning winds
sweep across the rich continent.

Africa is radiant because,
in defiance of the encumbrances,
it is blessed with infinite beauty, allure
and abundance of flora and fauna.

Africa is happy because,
in spite of the barriers,

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Nature seems to be unhappy with humanity;
it has therefore decided to show its might
by stamping its foot down;
by reclaiming land and displacing people.
An angry nature is sending warning signals our way;
or how else can the following phenomena be explained?

Rivers are bursting their banks
and causing floods which
invade farmlands and cities;
examples being Rhine River
currently flooding cities in Europe; and

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Kenya, my captivating land,
with over forty two tribes and subtribes;
each of which is unique,
but are all united in one common bond,
working together in harmony
and interacting in all spheres of life
to provide services at the work place,
be it catering, health, entertainment,
housing, tourism, hospitality,
transportation, or education.

Kenya, my irresistible land,
where the Swahili; in all majesty,
gave away their language
to not only be made
Kenya’s national language,
but also to be an official language
of many countries
in East Africa and beyond.

Kenya, my spectacular land,
where tourists come to bathe in the warm,
wild and free atmosphere,
where communities which have

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Sorry, on behalf of the human race for taking you for granted and seriously disturbing your spatial configuration.

We have done this through our reckless living whereby we have extravagantly exploited natural resources like water, forest, minerals, and fossil fuels.

We have depleted trees and other flora and replaced then with concrete.

We have depleted biodiversity such as soil fauna and replaced them with chemicals.

This has resulted in disappearance of most of the forest and wetlands; and intense pollution of land and rivers.

Sorry for scorning you by continuing to operate as if the earth’s environment is a subset of our human needs; as if the earth belongs to us.

You may fume all you want but please be kind to us when you remind us who is supreme.

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