My Dear the undervalued, the under-privileged,
the less fortunate or the neglected in society:

Yes, I know
I know that you’ve gone hungry and thirsty;
I know that you don’t have enough clothes
to keep warm;
I know that you’ve been mistreated
by humanity;
I know that you have no roof over your head
I know that you have been sick;
I know that you have been in prison
because of no fault of your own;
and I also know that you don’t know
what love is. Continue Reading "I Shall Try"

On my mind is the dream
which has continued to lead me on
to my definition of prosperity;
which to me is that limitlessly pure,
boundlessly sparkling, endlessly beautiful,
unalterably warm, perfectly glorious,
peacefully vibrant and faultlessly welcoming
bright, blue sky.

The dream leads me on despite efforts,
to hold me back,
to criticize my every decision,
to belittle my achievements,
to change my mind,
to change my heart’s desires.

It doesn’t matter that the skeptics
never try to understand my journey,
never try to understand Continue Reading "When My Dream Leads My Heart To See Its Vision"

I am suddenly so ecstatic that I now understand the excitement of Archimedes when he shot out of his bathroom naked and ran through the streets of Syracuse while shouting “Eureka, Eureka”, just because he had discovered the ‘Law of Floatation, or Buoyancy’.

The excitement stems from the discovery that, though some adults are short while others are tall, we are all approximately the same height from the seated buttocks to the top of the head, otherwise called the ‘sitting height’.

That’s why in a public space such as in a hall, church, matatu or stadium almost all seem to be of the same height when seated.
Continue Reading "We Are All The Same Height While Seated"

The sweet, small voicetells me the enticing words and,although a hunch saysit’s the wrong thing to do,the sweet, small voice says it’s OK.And so I do it anywaywith dire consequencesmost of the time. The sweet, small voicetells me that a little cakeand soda will not kill me,contrary to the doctor’s advice;and so I partake, but…Continue Reading “The Sweet, Small But Misguiding Voice”

It started as, “Single” at a time when I was slim, handsome and tall.  “Mrefu”, or “Msomali”, was what my pupil colleagues called me in Fort Hall Primary School back then. That was before I graduated to be nicknamed “Skeleton” by my Form One class teacher in Murang’a High School, Father Gerald. After College, my…Continue Reading “The Dynamism of My ‘Relationship Status’”