We may think it’s the end of the world because:
we were treated wrong,
we were conned,
we became incapacitated,
we’re tired, sick, hungry,
we’re harassed and molested,
we feel lonely and dejected,
we’re living with a disability,
nothing seems to be working for us,
and so on and so forth.

And so we beat ourselves up,
we put ourselves down,
we belittle ourselves,
we get depressed,
we even want to take our own lives. Continue Reading "Hold On, Pain Ends (HOPE)"

Kenya, my captivating land,
with over forty two tribes and subtribes;
each of which is unique,
but are all united in one common bond,
working together in harmony
and interacting in all spheres of life
to provide services at the work place,
be it catering, health, entertainment,
housing, tourism, hospitality,
transportation, or education.

Kenya, my irresistible land,
where the Swahili; in all majesty,
gave away their language
to not only be made
Kenya’s national language,
but also to be an official language
of many countries
in East Africa and beyond.

Kenya, my spectacular land,
where tourists come to bathe in the warm,
wild and free atmosphere,
where communities which have Continue Reading "Kenya, The Land Of My Birth"

Dear child, with each
Happy-Father’s-day message I received,
I remembered
the surprise of new fatherhood
every time each one of you
came into my life
whether through birth
or when our paths met.

I remembered
the day when I met you for the first time;
it had never occurred to me before then,
that I could be so overcome
by anyone like that.

That day, as I wrote your name
across my heart; Continue Reading "A Father’s Gratitude For The Best Wishes"

There’s sad news any time, all the time;
news of a kidnapping here, a murder there;
a divorce here, orphans there;
an accident here, a hungry soul there;
a street child here, a prostitute there;
a rape here, a suicide there;
cattle rustling here, tribal clashes there;
political violence here, domestic violence there;
and so on, and so forth ad infinitum.

What is sad, though, is that
when misfortunes strike,
humanity is most often indifferent.
The people who get hurt in the process,
are left to their own devices;
humanity refuses to acknowledge that
the victims are somebody’s someone.

All of humanity is going through hard times, I know,
and life’s not meant to be easy.
It’s meant to be lived;
sometimes happy, but other times rough;
as everybody works hard to be somebody,
and to be somebody to someone.

Everybody is somebody’s someone; Continue Reading "Everybody Is Somebody’s Someone"

Sorry, on behalf of the human race for taking you for granted and seriously disturbing your spatial configuration.

We have done this through our reckless living whereby we have extravagantly exploited natural resources like water, forest, minerals, and fossil fuels.

We have depleted trees and other flora and replaced then with concrete.

We have depleted biodiversity such as soil fauna and replaced them with chemicals.

This has resulted in disappearance of most of the forest and wetlands; and intense pollution of land and rivers.

Sorry for scorning you by continuing to operate as if the earth’s environment is a subset of our human needs; as if the earth belongs to us.

You may fume all you want but please be kind to us when you remind us who is supreme. Continue Reading "Sorry Mother Nature; Please Don’t Revenge"

Strive to lead a simple and easy life;
quickly make amends and forgive easily.
Know that you’ve got the power within you
to be happy always;
by saying, “No” to things which,
and people who,
stress you out.

Appreciate that your happiness
depends on only you; on
who you choose to be your friend
what you decide to listen to
what you choose to see and watch
where you decide to go; and
who your heart decides to love.
Stay away from folks who
make life hard on you. Continue Reading "Your Happiness Depends On Only You"

Experts say that, ‘a normal person
inhales, and exhales in equal measure,
seven to eight litres of you per minute;
which translates to about
11,000 litres of you per day’.

They add that, ‘Inhaled air
contains 21 per cent oxygen,
and exhaled air contains
about 15 per cent oxygen.
The difference (6%) is absorbed
by the lungs; and if there is a shortage,
it needs to be supplemented’. Continue Reading "Thank You The Air that I Breathe"

Out of the wilderness,
sprouted a wild flower
which chose to bloom
despite the rough weather;
holding on to every drop of rain
and with the gorgeous smile
openly revealing all her colours.

With her cute, angelic body
and the black, dense but soft hair
saluting the heavens,
she makes miracles
look like child’s play;
exuding life on the outside
as she hides in the dry red soil
that surrounds her. Continue Reading "The Mesmerizing Marvell"