On my mind is a lady that I met searching for something inside her handbag, most probably her house keys since she was outside a door. The search was so furious that I couldn’t mind my own business any longer. When I approached her, I smiled and said, “zitapatikana tu”. She gave me an awkward, but beautiful smile.

As I passed, I couldn’t help noticing the contents of the bag since they were strewn all over on the ground, and more were still flying off the bag.

I can now confirm the “Big Bag” theory or myth that a ladies handbag is bottomless. It is a bag of wonders, secrets and mystery, considering that she had not finished turning the bag upside down and inside out by the time she was out of my sight, *since I kept looking back to appreciate the beauty and monitor, evaluate and gauge progress of the recovery efforts*.

This got my tiny brain to think that these search and recovery or rescue missions can be made much easier and faster if designers of these bags became a little bit more creative. Continue Reading "To Handbag Designers – A Plea For Extra Creativity"

The ‘Blind Spots’ of the human body form one of the four quadrants of the ‘Johari Window’, and can be described as those areas where a person’s view is obstructed. The Blind Spot is the space that is unknown to yourself, but known to others.

The other three quadrants are: the ‘Open Space’, which is the space that is known to one and also known to others; the ‘Hidden Area’, which is the space that is known to oneself, but unknown to others; and, the ‘Unknown Area’, which is the space that is unknown to oneself, and also unknown to others.

Coming back to the Blind Spots, they need extra care all the time, especially because Continue Reading "Blindspots of the Human Body – Quadrants Of The Johari Window"

There is hope at last that the agony that my ilk, the bespectacled, have to contend with when they are forced to walk in the rain is soon coming to an end; the agony is worsened by the fact that the rains are so unpredictable these days, most probably due to climate change. The rain droplets form a series of streaks on the glasses that makes it difficult for one to see.

Coupled to this is the traumatic experience of segregation, neglect, marginalization, kuonewa, and kubaguliwa, that the scientific humanity and modern society has accorded us for the longest time.

We can’t wait for these scientists to invent water repellant glasses; or Continue Reading "There Is Hope That Us The Bespectacled Will Comfortably Walk In The Rain"

Oh how nostalgic the moments when I remember the Christmas eve during my younger days way back yonder.

On Christmas eve, a few people would meet in the house which was furthest from the local Church at 8.00pm and sing a Christmas Carol or two, then pray and finally collect gifts for charity.

People in the homestead would stand in their doorway, smiling and would sometimes sing too.They would thereafter join the Carolers as they went to the next homestead.

Needless to say, Continue Reading "Nostalgia From The Christmas Eve Of My Youth"

It is unbelievable that today, freshly-baked chapatis are everywhere on the back streets of rural and urban cities and that they get spoiled in the fridge because of lack of demand at home. The easy availability of chapati has stolen the magic.

Back in the day, eating chapati was an event; chapati was a once-only delicacy per year, mostly around Christmas.

On the day of cooking chapati, everybody in the village would know, because the Prime Minister of the house would send the kids very early in the morning to pick the chapati cooking-kit, comprising the wooden rolling board; the wooden rolling pin; and the round, durable heavy-duty, flat, very black chapati pan. There was only one chapati cooking-kit in the whole village and therefore proper planning and ordering in good time was of the essence. It would be picked from the last house which cooked chapati, which was no secret in the village. Continue Reading "The Chapati Magic Of Yester-Times"

“Wealth without work” was described by Mahatma Gandhi as one of the “Seven Deadly Sins”; the others being, “Pleasure without conscience, Science without humanity, Knowledge without character, Politics without principle, Commerce without morality, and Worship without sacrifice”.

These seven deadly sins perfectly define the misery that is brought about by corruption. The love of wealth without sweat has rendered human life useless. It has made life cheap and expendable.

The Seven Deadly Sins have made it very dangerous to step outside the house every morning of every single day; the reason being Continue Reading "The Heavy Cost Of Corruption"

The dawn of every new day comes with a hope that is infectious and communicable to all humanity. It is a genuine hope that is prominently displayed on the faces of the people on crowded streets downtown every morning of every day of every year.

The hope that comes with the dawn of a new day makes humanity, extremely busy and enthusiastic, with the expectation that today’s achievements will be greater than those of yesterday. They start the day with renewed zeal;  Continue Reading "Hope Of A New Born Day"

I, like any other normal, right thinking Kenyan, have a predilection, actually love, to be conned; to be easily tricked into believing or doing something stupid.

I am just like the victims of ‘Yahaya’ in Lady Jaydee’s song that goes by the same name.

Yahaya is this handsome, well built, charismatic, classy, funny, handsome, intelligent, articulate, and exquisitely dressed character who presents himself as extremely rich; he is also like-able and very interactive in social places. He talks big as long as the rounds keep coming but does not buy any round. According to Lady Jaydee, “Anakula offer za watu. Anapoishi hata hapajulikani”. All they know is that he lives somewhere in Kinondoni but none knows the house number.

Even his claims of the big jobs that he holds cannot be verified. Everybody, including me, and you, know that “hana hela”, but still, “tunaingia kingi tunafuata”. We know that we are being duped and yet Continue Reading "Oohh How We Love The Con"

When Mary gave birth to Jesus, she was a first-time mother; and regardless of the miraculous circumstances of the birth of Jesus, she must have experienced what every first-time mother goes through.

She was engaged to be married to Joseph, but before they came together, she was visited by an angel who told her that, though she was a virgin, she would conceive and give birth to the son of God through a miracle. This announcement must have left her with shock and wonder; she must have been in a lot of distress wondering how she would break these news to her lover, Joseph. Indeed, had the angel not intervened in Continue Reading "Being A Mother For The First Time – The Experience of Mary the Mother of Jesus"

In her novel entitled ‘Sense and Sensibility’, Jane Austen once said, “When I fall in love, it will be forever”. She must have been envisioning a situation where she would meet a person who will inspire her to love with her every sense; smell, taste, sight, touch, and heart. She must have been visualizing her life beginning and ending with that person.

Being in love, as in Jane Austen’s dream, awakens two souls and leads them to want to spend the rest of their life together, and to start that ‘rest of their life’, which is otherwise called marriage, matrimony or wedlock, as soon as possible.

Be that as it may, Jane Austen evidently did not know Continue Reading "Life Lessons on Love and Marriage"