What if wintervisits Kenya next year,with its long chilly and frosty days!!Will it find us ready? With heated systemsto allow transport, with adequate firewoodto heat houses, and enough stocks oftuna, water, and groceries. What if it,what if it comes; comes with snow,falling like glitter, and trees slumberwith leaves shed to conserve nutrients. Will it find…Continue Reading “Climate Change Seems Real”

The sun rises magnificently in Africa
from a darkness that is
never devoid of exciting and thrilling
life and activity.
The glorious morning winds
sweep across the rich continent.

Africa is radiant because,
in defiance of the encumbrances,
it is blessed with infinite beauty, allure
and abundance of flora and fauna.

Africa is happy because,
in spite of the barriers,

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Life flies past as we raise our children.
They become young adults within no time,
before we know it.

Simultaneously as the children
were growing up,
there have been events,
environments and practices
that have molded us along the way;
a concoction borne of experiences
and memories that have made us
into what we have become;
and that vaguely remind us
how we got here, even if the details
have blurred out with time.

The memories remind us that,
even as age continues
to catch up with us,
we are nothing more than

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