On my mind is “me”

The me
who feels under the weather sometimes,
whose age is now showing,
who is slower than before,
and who is rougher at the edges;
but it’s just the same me.

It’s the same me
who was your schoolmate,
college mate, and is now your workmate
and friend.

It’s the same me
who played with you growing up;
who is your husband, brother, father, son,
cousin, uncle, and granddad.

This me, I know,
has had flaws, scars, and insecurities;
has not been perfect,
has said

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That splendid woman who,
one step at a time,
left her world behind,
and chose to love, live,
laugh, weep, or in summary,
keep me company,
and tie her dreams to mine.

That outstanding woman who,
became my soulmate,
and has not allowed our love,
to scatter in the wind.

That awesome woman who,
continues to share with me,
life’s great, and not so great moments,
and refuses our dreams to fall apart,
against all odds.

That inspiring woman who,

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On my mind are those of us folks who were born in the nineteen fifties and sixties: We, thankfully, got an education in the sixties, seventies, and extending into the eighties, the latter period of which was interspersed with moments of leisure. This was followed by a period of stabilization and getting wiser, somewhat. The…Continue Reading “What A Full Life It Has Been For The Baby Boomer Generation”

You seem to be fishing
for the money-loaded,
for the light-skinned,
for the sexy;
you seem to be searching
for the one who’ll
make you laugh,
wipe your tears,
hug you tight,
watch you succeed, and
keep you strong.
Lakini sisi ndio tuko;
a bit rough around the edges,
but working to smooth them off.

It looks like you’re searching for
your best friend,
your great support,
your biggest comfort,
your strongest motivation,
your truest smile,
your deepest love,
your favorite,
your forever, and
one who will have you entirely.
Lakini sisi

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