Is it a tear I hear in his voice?
After years of policy attention to girls,
a reaction to expanded women’s rights,
not meant to be negative backlash;
the result, though, has been
a neglected boy child.

Is it a tear I hear in the voice?
of the boy child who has been left behind
in the gender equality agenda.
Society has assumed that the boy-child
is able to figure out their life,
that because he is male,
he knows the way,
he does not need direction.
he does not need support.

Is it a tear I hear in the voice?
of the boy child
who is not supposed to cry or lament;
stipulations upon the boy child
that have bred angry, weak,
unstable, rough
and disrespectful men.

Yes I know
it is your tear I hear
in your voice dear boy child,
but I want you to know that

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“Our society is built on the values of free speech and mutual respect, but cancel culture rejects both. In place of free speech, it demands conformity. Instead of mutual respect, it tears people down.”- Nikki Haley True indeed. Humanity has embraced hatred, nastiness, negativity, and bile toward one another when there are opposing ideologies. Whilst…Continue Reading “What Happened to Free Speech”

When two fall in love,
immediately after they give
their hearts to each other,
it’s all roses, it’s candle light,
it is a romantic experience,
it is the best fit, it is juicy,
it is sexy, it is hot,
the hormones go haywire,
the hormones get thrown into a blender;
the movie of the love birds
plays 24/7 in their heads,
daydreaming about
the precious little moments together,
and the mementos.

But in the restless world
that we live in today,
when two fall in love,
the initial flame soon dies down;
love ends before it’s begun;
and the many hot moonlight kisses,
cool in the warmth of the sun.

All of a sudden, the rosy love gives way to:

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2020 is a year that was ushered
with all humanity cheering
with fireworks and ululations
as they bid 2019 away;
with all its insurmountable hardships,
burdens, woes and tribulations.

Humanity wanted to just move on,
to a better year,
even when reports had emerged
of an epidemic that was ravaging China
and the difficulties that China
was facing to contain it;

but humanity went on
with life as usual
as if nothing else mattered
except to get into 2020;
hoping that what was happening in China
would remain there.

Then, however, the epidemic spread,
first to Europe, then to the Americas
and soon it was everywhere;
the World Health Organization
declared it a pandemic.

The whole World came to a standstill;
no flights, and no cross-border movement.
The word, ‘lockdown’,

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On my mind are the fragrances that used to converge and which increased their volume of scent as Christmas approached.

They included the hunger pang-generating aroma from the cooking chapatis, and the pungent smoke odour from the paraffin jikos which were brought back to use after resting for a whole year since the last Christmas.

This thought has been provoked by the book entitled, “Song of Lawino” by Okot p’Bitek, when the speaker says:

“When the beautiful one, with whom I share my husband, returns from cooking her hair, she resembles a chicken.”

Over and above that part of sharing the husband, my mind notes the irony that the so called beautiful one is equated to a chicken. It remembers, by the way that “Irony” is a form of literally style, just like Satire, Metaphor, Simile, and Metonymy; but that’s a story for another day.

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Wearing masks come with several other advantages besides acting as a physical barrier to protect from potentially harmful germs, chemicals and dust that float around in the air;

As a start, those of us who have ugly, scarecrow faces are wallowing in the luxury of the mask; we are now excelling when people confuse us with the handsome likes of Diamond Platnumz, Denzel Washington, Eddie Murphy and Will Smith.

Secondly, the probability increases of attracting

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