I, like any other normal, right thinking Kenyan, have a predilection, actually love, to be conned; to be easily tricked into believing or doing something stupid.

I am just like the victims of ‘Yahaya’ in Lady Jaydee’s song that goes by the same name.

Yahaya is this handsome, well built, charismatic, classy, funny, handsome, intelligent, articulate, and exquisitely dressed character who presents himself as extremely rich; he is also like-able and very interactive in social places. He talks big as long as the rounds keep coming but does not buy any round. According to Lady Jaydee, “Anakula offer za watu. Anapoishi hata hapajulikani”. All they know is that he lives somewhere in Kinondoni but none knows the house number.

Even his claims of the big jobs that he holds cannot be verified. Everybody, including me, and you, know that “hana hela”, but still, “tunaingia kingi tunafuata”. We know that we are being duped and yet

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The ‘fullness of time’, is that eventuality where all becomes well.

Even when current events indicate the opposite; feeling doomed, ailing, or feeling tied up in a bad relationship which one cannot leave. In the fullness of time, all becomes well.

Even when present happenings lead to self-loathing, self-hatred, self-blame, depression, work failure, sleep deprivation, and lack of motivation and desire to live. Ultimately, all becomes well.

Even when ongoing experiences make one feel alienated, forsaken, totally abandoned, lonely, uninspired, worthless, powerless, oppressed, deficient, and handicapped. In the end, all becomes well.

Even when hopelessness abides because of present-day phenomena such as natural or man-made calamities like floods, landslides, bad politics,

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