It has often been said that Kenya has forty four official ethnic groups. The reality, however, is that Kenya has way over forty four tribes and sub-tribes and it is not clear which among them has made it into the list of forty four official tribes.

This article aims to celebrate the uniqueness of each of the tribes and sub-tribes. It aims to show how the diverse ethnic, cultural and traditional experiences make Kenya great and a heritage of splendor.

We start with the Swahili; who, with all majesty, gave away their language to, not only be made Kenya’s national language, but also

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Life is surely going good
And then from nowhere
Troubles come pounding
They knock me off my feet
But then comes these angels in human form
Who give me the encouragement
“You are important to me”, they say
“If you need a friend, We are here”.
And then I say to myself:
“Thank God there are compassionate people
Still living in this world.”

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Tonight, approximately 45 percent of children aged between 0 – 17 years will go to sleep in homes in which either their fathers or their mothers do not live. For 22 percent of children, both parents are alive but their fathers are living elsewhere. This is according to the Kenya Demographic and Health Survey of…Continue Reading “Boys Are An Endangered Lot Due To Father Hunger In Society”

My dear friends of the interwebs,

Today I feel inspired by love. But I am at the same time jealous. Jealous because my mother tongue, Kikuyu, just like my two national languages, English and Kiswahili, have only one word for “love” in all it’s forms, colors and presentations. This is unlike the Greek language, which has eight different shades of “love”.

That love that made Emperor Shah Jahan of India to build the Taj Mahal, a monument that took twenty two years and twenty two thousand workers to build, as a memorial and resting place of his favorite wife, Mumtaz Mahal, who died during childbirth.

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