“Good” is defined as: “to be desired or approved of; having the qualities required for a particular role; possessing or displaying moral virtue; and, giving pleasure, enjoyable or satisfying”; while “Bad” is defined as: “of poor quality, of a low standard, unpleasant, unwelcome, and not to be hoped for or desired.”

So now, ‘are all humans born good and then some become bad?; or are all humans born bad and then some become good?’

This perennial question regarding human nature continues to intrigue, just like it did fascinate many famous philosophers of ancient times.

Philosophers like the Englishman Thomas Hobbes who believed that humans are by nature born bad and evil because humans are nasty, greedy, egoistic, beast-like, war-like and tend to achieve their ends through evil means, such as harming others for the limited resources. According to Hobbes, humans needed to be totally controlled by a government and as a result he supported civilization or human culture, which he credited for stepping in and rescuing humanity from immorality and wickedness.

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