After college, or during college for some, most people go through life as bachelors.

This is quickly followed by the stage of being a father or a mother, when children dramatically make their debut into this world.

Then follows the tedious,  but welcome, stage where parents lovingly raise their young children, starting with the sleepless nights which seem endless, as the infants mark their territory and declare that they can only be ignored at the parent’s peril. At this point, the thought of them ever leaving home is a non-issue. They slowly, but surely, however, learn how to do things on their own, for themselves.

Before long, the children grow into the teenagers, and they slowly start sending clear signs of wanting to be left alone. They want the parents to loosen the grip and give them some space. They can’t wait to be independent. The teenagers are at this stage busy developing networks and attachments with friends as they slowly inch away into a world of their own.

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A man’s life is usually divided into five stages, namely, infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood and old age. The first four stages of life roll very fast and, before you know it, one starts feeling tired. Old age sets in and one begins to slow down physically, physiologically, mentally, and health-wise.

We have witnessed the elderly in our families declining in physical strength and health. Old age is a period that is accompanied by the loss of job and property, reduced income and a frail physical appearance. It is also a period of social alienation arising from loss of spouse and friends. This may result in frustration, disappointment, dejection, disease and loneliness.

The challenges of old age are made worse by the fast changing lifestyles where the younger family members are engaged in busy lives arising from the pressures and demands of today’s life and probably live far from their aging parents.

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“Too much of everything is poisonous”, they say. “Too much of anything is bad for you. Do things in moderation. Don’t over-indulge in anything. Because too much is bad”.

Too much conscientiousness and you become a perfectionist, unable to complete tasks because they’re not perfect. Too much openness to experience and you could be an out-of-control risk-taker. Too much agreeableness and you become too nice – allowing others to take advantage of you. Being too emotionally expressive and you could be emotionally out-of-control. Too much emotional control and you appear distant and aloof. Too much emotional sensitivity and you become prone to emotional contagion – feeling and expressing the strong emotions of others, often to your detriment.

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Of all the 6.9 billion people who dwelled on earth in 2010, 2.2 billion (31.4%) were Christians, 1.6 billion (23.2%) were Islam, 1.1 billion (16.4%) were either atheists, non-religious, or unaffiliated,  1.0 billion (15.0%) were Hindus, 488 million (7.1%) were Budhists,  405 million (5.9%) were Chinese Folk religionists, 58 million (0.8%) were new, tribal or other religionists, and 14 million (0.2%) were Jews, Jainins and Sikhs.

Population of religious groups around the world (2010)

Worshipers of most of the above religious and spiritual groups understand the real meaning of submitting themselves to the will of a Supreme Being (God) and practice the essence of humanity, which includes reaching out to the poor, lonely, hungry, widowed, orphaned and oppressed. This is because there is extreme poverty and hunger around the world. There are about 1 billion people who are living on less than

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I would like to focus on the probable causes of the post election violence that took place in our beloved country in 2007/2008. The aim is that we remind ourselves what happened prior to the election that created so much rage so that we can avoid a repeat of the same. The announcement of the election results was only the straw that broke the camel’s back and, in my view, violence would have erupted regardless of the winner.

For many months before that election, all of us, including religious leaders, were looking at the situation in Kenya with our colored

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Malcom X once asked: “who taught you to hate yourself? Who taught you to hate the texture of your hair? Who taught you to hate the color of your skin?”

I guess the answer to these questions relates to society’s standards as set by the global media which equates light skin with beauty, affluence, happiness and success. The same media portrays black people negatively. That is why black people procure expensive perms and hair weaves. And saturate themselves with skin-lightening creams, even when they clearly know the health dangers that come with the use of skin lighteners, such as skin discoloration, reduction to the skin’s resistance to infection and damage to the kidneys and the nervous system.

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