There’s this billboard on Kenyan streets where some Kenyan celebrities are qouted saying, “The side you do not know”. Are they saying that they have two sides? Is there a possibility that we all have two personalities?

It seems that the answer is yes. We all display a two-sided personality, one of which is good and the other side evil.

Emily Thorne says, “Just as there are two sides to every story, there are two sides to every person. One that we reveal to the world and another we keep hidden inside. A duality governed by the balance of light and darkness. Within each of us is

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Oh how I miss them old days
When there was no fighting about jobs and careers
Men were hunters, gatherers, providers
Men were protectors
Women supported their husbands to excel
And tended their livestock and other property
“Behind every great man is a woman”, they said
Back in the innocent days
When men were real men and women were real women

Men and women took religion seriously,
Wives would submit fully to their husbands
And husbands would love their wives
As required by the Bible
Women would depend on the security of marriage
Because divorce was alien
It was easier to find a real wife and a real husband
Back in the trustful days
When men were real men and women were real women

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While in humans, females have a more attractive physical appearance than males; it is the opposite in birds. Males have a more appealing physical appearance than females.  Further, the attractiveness increases with age for women but decreases with age for female birds? The best example is the attractiveness of the peacocks which far outclasses that of peahens.

Some of the distinctions in the physiques of males and females are designed to suit each sex for the role it plays in reproduction, while others exist to help aid in male – female mutual attraction.

Women are better groomed. They are blond and fair-skinned, while men are often dark-skinned. Women have fully buoyant

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The coming elections in Kenya are promising to be very competitive and aspirants are using all manner of tactics to win the race.

But what has caught my eye during the on-going political party nominations are women in the contest for the County Women’s Representative. The run-up has attracted a large array of women from all sorts of background and professions.

They are using varied campaign styles to woo votes from the electorate. But what is interesting is that the women, across counties and across the political divide have turned the contest to be a show of who can pose best, who is more beautiful or who has the best slogans to attract the youth.

This is well portrayed in the campaign posters glued on all and any surface which can take them such as walls and electric posts. In the posters, some of the women are scantily dressed and others have posed seductively.

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I have just watched a music video produced by a famous African composer and singer-song writer. The video reminded me what has become very common in music videos, in public places and, sadly, even in churches. Women are wearing next to nothing and men are overdressed, even with their sagging pants.

Please allow me to just churn out my thoughts loudly and let my jittery fingers to capture them.

My mother (R.I.P.) and grandmothers (R.I.P.) used to wear long dresses that went way below the knees and headscarves that covered their hair most of the times. That formed my baseline of decent dressing among women.

Then came younger generations, including mine, where African women are exposing more and more of what our fore-fathers used to call ‘private’. And, in addition, they are not covering up clothes that used to be called under-clothes.

You will find mothers in public places, such as public transport vehicles, with their daughters, dressed similarly. Even during very cold weather, they expose their belly buttons and wear tiny blouses. I am told it’s called “freeze and shine”. Breasts are magnified and much of the cleavage exposed by wearing bras that lift and firm them. Couple this with the tight trousers, called leggings, which probably take lots of time and energy to put on, but which clearly expose all contours, bumps and valleys from waist downwards.

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“Serenity is not freedom from the storm, but peace amid the storm” – Author Unknown The Oxford Dictionaries define serenity as the state of being calm, peaceful and untroubled. The Serenity Prayer has more paragraphs than just the one that is most often quoted. The author of the Serenity Prayer is the American theologian, ethicist,…Continue Reading “The Serenity Prayer – And It’s Author”

“Life, the start and the end are similar, take advantage of the time in between”

Dear colleagues of the interwebs, have you ever wondered why man lives for seventy six years when he is lucky? Did you know that God had initially assigned man, along with the donkey, the dog and the monkey only thirty years to live on earth.

Has it ever occurred to you why man spends the first thirty years of his life like a king with no cares at all, followed by twelve years in which he has to hustle and work very hard like a donkey to make ends meet, followed by fourteen years which he spends trying to protect what has been earned and possessed and barking at all who may come to rob his hard earned wealth. Have you ever wondered why man spends the additional twenty years with a bent back, becomes childish and a laughing stock, just like the monkey.

There is this tale from an unnamed peasant from Zwehrn, Germany which was doing the rounds in the early nineteenth century, the early 1800s, which reveals that man has been a greedy being since time immemorial and explains where the extra years of man came from. Read on to find out.

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An assessment of my personality carried out by Dr. Carol Ritberger, an internationally acclaimed expert of behavior psychology, and which was spot on, was that I have a “red” personality. This means that I am a ‘just get it done’ kind of person; that I am self-driven, competitive, and I like to be in control; that I am action oriented, and I appreciate efficiency; and, that I typically hold stress and tension in my lower back.

You can check out your personality type by answering ten simple questions at:

But how many personality types are in existence? Psychologists have two opposing views regarding personalityThere are the personality type theorists and the personality trait theorists. According to the personality type theorists, every person worldwide has one of four different personality types, each of which is defined by its own unique characteristics. This theory is very useful to psychologists when they are determining the mental and emotional health of an individual. The two most common taxonomies are ‘the four humors’ which were credited to two of the ancient Greek philosophers, namely Hippocrates (400 BC) and Galen (140 AD), and the eight personality types outlined by Carl Jung.

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